5 Best Anti-Anxiety Supplements of 2023


Allison holds a PhD in Biology specializing in cell and molecular biology and undergraduate degree in biochemistry with a minor in theoretical physics. She has taught at four universities in Eastern Canada and currently consults masters and doctoral students.

Stress from uncertain times and keeping up with the busy demands of life all trigger anxiety. But, what if there was an all-natural way to feel calmer? Without prescribed medications or expensive therapy sessions? Well… there is a way! In fact, there are 5 ways…

With careful analysis, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best supplements on the market. By gathering all the information you need to make the right decision for your wellbeing.

Top 5 Anti-Anxiety Supplements:

  1. Calm, Regen Health 
  2. Mood Boost, LES Labs
  3. Alprazium, Nutratech
  4. Anti Anxiety, Prime Labs
  5. Anxiety Formula, Optimal Effects

Best anti-anxiety supplements:

#1 Calm: Regen Health

  • Reduces feelings of anxiety
  • Starts working in just 20-minutes
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • No side-effects


Overall Grade
Pros of Calm:
  • Safe, natural, and clinically tested formula; no side effects
  • Manufactured at FDA-approved facilities in the US
  • Reduces anxiety and stress by improving your response – limits the risk of panic attacks
  • Elevates mood and promotes relaxation
  • Maintains balanced mental health
  • No prescriptions needed
  • 100% satisfaction with a 60-day money-back guarantee
Cons of Calm:
  • Individual results vary
Why We Chose It

Calm is the most efficient anti-anxiety supplement in the natural health market. Blended with powerful natural extracts, this FDA-approved formula encourages relaxation within 20-minutes.

Manufactured by Regen Health, this innovative supplement maintains healthy stress levels. Unlike many anti-anxiety supplements or medications, it contains no additives or fillers.

This high-quality supplement is suitable for people of any health condition. As its all-natural formula help you regain inner peace and be in control of your emotions.

How does it work?

  • Bacopa Extract: Improves communication between your neurons to reduce anxiety.
  • Green Tea Extract: Relaxes your mind, improves alertness and improves brain function.
  • Inositol: Helps balance important mood-affecting chemicals – serotonin and dopamine.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: Boosts mood, combats stress, and reduces anxiety levels.
  • Licorice Root Extract: Creates a healthy level of cortisol in your body to reduce stress.
  • Glutamic Acid: Improves intelligence, enhances your clarity of thinking, mental alertness, and mood!

Calm Dosage:

Calm recommends a daily dose of two capsules twice daily.

One bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 4 weeks. For best results, we advise taking Calm for 3-5 months.

Why Trust This Brand?

Calm is one of the best quality and most effective natural anti-anxiety supplements. Unlike prescribed medications or competing supplements, it produces no side effects. Just feelings of relaxation, more focus, and happiness. In as little as 20-minutes!

The brand is clear about its ingredients, formulation, and lab results. With 100% of its ingredients being natural and of the highest quality.

Calm’s stress-relieving effects are significantly higher than other anti-anxiety supplements. As its powerful formula reduces stress and anxiety levels in the most natural way.

But, the best part about Calm is that you don’t need to wait forever to feel the effects. You usually start to feel calmer within 20-minutes. And, with a maximum of 3 – 6 months, you should feel like a happier, more peaceful version of yourself.

So, if you want to be able to relax without anxiety, feel more focused when you need it most, and live a happier, stress-free life…

You should try this all-natural, clinically tested formula!

Calm is so confident in their formula, that if you don’t feel better after 60-days, you can get your money back! The company offers a no-questions-asked 100% guarantee with their friendly customer support team.

#2 Mood Boost: LES Labs

  • Reduces occasional stress and anxiety
  • Promotes a more positive mood
  • Supports improved sleep quality
  • Not suitable for people with liver conditions


Overall Grade
Pros of Mood Boost:
  • All-natural formula
  • Promotes positive mood
  • Supports improved sleep
  • 60-day refund policy
Cons of Mood Boost:
  • May cause side effects
  • Not suitable for all health conditions
Why We Chose It

Mood Boost is a strong runner up. Thanks to its effective combination of all-natural ingredients.

Manufactured by LES Labs, Mood Boost also contains herbal extracts and amino acids.

The supplement’s proprietary blend of ingredients includes Passion Flower and Ashwaghanda. Creating a powerful dietary supplement for people who struggle with anxiety.

#3 Alprazium: Nutratech

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Promotes enhanced mood
  • The longer you take it the more effective
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Overall Grade
Pros of Alprazium:
  • All-natural formula
  • Promotes positive mood
  • Supports improved sleep
  • 30-day refund policy
Cons of Alprazium:
  • May cause side effects
  • One bottle may only last 2-weeks – depends on anxiety levels
Why We Chose It

Alprazium contains a blend of natural ingredients to reduce stress, anxiety, and tiredness.

Formulated by Nutratech, these supplements relax, restore your energy and balance your mood. The proprietary blend of 8 ingredients works better the longer you take them.

There are 30 capsules in a bottle, and it is recommended in times of extreme anxiety to swallow 2 capsules daily. Meaning one bottle lasts for 2-weeks.

#4 Anti Anxiety: Prime Labs

  • Promotes a calming effect
  • Increases serotonin
  • Developed and produced in the USA
  • Only suitable for health individuals


Overall Grade
Pros of Anti Anxiety:
  • Can prevent panic attacks
  • Uses herbal extracts
  • Assists in mood support
  • Provides stress and anxiety relief
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Cons of Anti Anxiety:
  • Not been evaluated by the FDA
  • May cause side effects
  • Not suitable for certain medical conditions
Why We Chose It

Anti Anxiety by Prime Labs can help to prevent panic attacks, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and shortness of breath.

This all-natural formula contains a whole host of powerful herbal extracts. However, a noteworthy ingredient it uses is St John’s Worts. Which, depending on your medical condition, can cause harmful side effects. So it’s especially important to check with your doctor before taking this supplement.

#5 Anxiety Formula: Optimal Effects

  • 100% natural formula
  • Lowers chronic stress levels
  • Increases memory and focus
  • Manufactured in the USA


Overall Grade
Pros of Anxiety Formula:
  • All-natural formula
  • Balances cortisol
  • Works fast
  • Supports a relaxed mood
  • 60-day refund policy
Cons of Anxiety Formula:
  • May cause side effects
Why We Chose It

Anti-Anxiety by Optimal Effects is an all-natural stress and anxiety-relieving supplement.

It was specifically designed to lower your stress levels, increase focus, and prevent brain fog.

However, some users report a combination of side effects. Such as migraines, blurred vision, high blood pressure, and stomach discomfort.

Facts About Anti-Anxiety Supplements:

Q. Are Anti-Anxiety Supplements Safe?

The health market is filled with different kinds of anxiety relieving supplements. The thing is, they’re not all created equally. That’s why we analysed the most effective and reviewed products n the market, to conduct a list of the best.

That’s why you can rest assured knowing that we vouch for the efficacy and safety of the products in this list. None of the supplements in our top 5 contain any toxic or synthetic ingredients that could harm you.

All the products listed in this guide ONLY contain natural ingredients. But, we still recommend you consult a doctor before trying any anti-anxiety supplement.

Also, anti-anxiety supplements work differently for everyone. So, we can’t promise that the one you choose will be a “magic pill”. But, the herbal extracts in of this guide’s supplements offer nutritional value, regardless.

Q. Isn’t Medication The Only Way To Treat Anxiety?

Simple answer: no.

Behavioural research shows that combining talk therapy with medication results in a better outcome than taking medicine alone.

Natural supplements can also ease symptoms without undesirable side effects, unlike prescribed medications.

Q. How Quickly Do Anti-Anxiety Supplements Work?

Taking supplements at the earliest sign of symptoms can greatly reduce your risk of panic attacks and chronic insomnia. But, it’s best to note that there is no overnight “cure” for this condition. With time and consistency, it is possible to overcome and keep this condition under control.

In Conclusion: Should You Use Anti-Anxiety Supplements?

Anti-anxiety supplements effectively ease symptoms of anxiety in many individuals. They can reduce the stressful rush of nerves, promote relaxation and a positive mood. All this without the harmful side effects present in prescription medications. That’s why anti-anxiety supplements can be a life-changing choice for easing anxiety.

After extensive research, we believe Calm by Regen Health is the best natural anti-anxiety supplement on the market.

They are so effective that stress and anxiety levels can start to reduce in as little as 20-minutes!

If these are the benefits you are looking for, start your journey today with Cam by Regen Health! But, before trying any product, we would prefer you to consult a doctor. Especially if you have any medical condition.

Disclaimer: If you experience chronic anxiety or frequent panic attacks, don’t rely on the supplements alone. Natural supplementation is not a “cure” or “magic pill”. But, their nutritional value can help to promote feelings of calm and positivity. Supplements can help to reduce feelings of anxiety – not remove them completely.