5 ways to cure jet lag and get some sleep

Flying across country, or around the world, takes a toll on the body. It can also affect a person’s life as they must adapt to the time after arriving at their destination. 

The good news is jet lag is a temporary disorder, although it does sometimes feel like it will never end. Sufferers will feel fatigue and insomnia after flying across time zones. It disrupts the body’s internal clock and sufferers can be awake at all hours of the night only to crash as soon as the sun comes up.

Change sleep pattern

One of the easiest ways to cure jet lag occurs before stepping foot onto an airplane. Individuals can prevent or experience lesser effects of jet lag by going to bed later at night before flying to the western side of the world. Individuals heading east should go to bed earlier every night to get more in-tune with the time zone of their destination. Changing bedtime by an hour or two in the days leading up to travel is recommended.

Change the time

While on the flight a person can get psychologically adapted to their destination by changing the time on their watch. By setting the time to the destination a person can put themselves in the right mind frame for arrival. 

Drink water

Staying hydrated is important when flying. It is also important to stay hydrated when adapting to a new time zone. By drinking alcohol or caffeine, a person can stimulate their body and mind. It can make them feel like they’re still at home. Hydrating and trying to sleep on the flight can help with jet lag once the airplane touches down. 

Do exercise/Don’t exercise

While flying it is important to get up and move around if the desire is to prevent falling asleep. This keeps the blood flowing and the mind focused on being awake during a flight. Once arriving at the final destination, individuals shouldn’t exercise. By working out a person can stimulate their body and mind, and it can prevent sleep.

Eat well

Some travelers claim fasting on travel day is a great way to get over jet lag. However, there is no proof it actually works. It is recommended travelers avoid fatty, high carbohydrate foods before bedtime once they arrive as these will disrupt sleep.

By taking these five steps, travelers will be able to conquer jet lag on their next big trip. 

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