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The story behind Medical Herald

Medical Herald was founded in 2018 by a group of people behind IS Digital with the goal of providing unbiased reviews for health products that you could found on the web.

How do we review a single product?

We cover the reviews of products from two angles. The personal angle from our reviewing doctor Alison who gives her honest and science based opinions and the factual evidence that is based in peer reviewed studies we link from below the text.

How do we review products in comparison?

Regardless of the style of the article, in order to give an unbiased review we first dig deep into the most important part: “Do the products do what they are supposed to do?”. Once we establish that, we then proceed into nitpicking the ingredients, the taste, the price etc. And based on those factors we assign stars to the reviewed products.

What we always strive to do is to give you the whole picture by not just reviewing and comparing the features of the products but also giving you the context, explaining why a certain ingredient is good and what it has been proven to do.

That is why you will always see linked studies from the bottom of the page that support the facts that we’ve presented.

What lengths do we go to make sure the content we write is factual?

We research, research and fact-check again. We also make sure our authors provide unbiased, professional opinions. We update our content frequently if something changes and we make sure what we write is correct.

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