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Best CBD Hemp Oil Ever – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Is the best CBD hemp oil really worth buying these days? All hemp-based supplements seem to do the same thing on paper until you start comparing different formulas and textures. If you need one you’re likely trying to deal with multiple issues.

So how do you make the choice? Often times it’s best to focus on versatility. Getting just the right thickness that it can be applied on the skin. Maybe even a secondary extract added to the mix to change the odor and the taste.

In this article, you’ll see five of the best hemp oils on the market. Some of them are more versatile than others, but all of them have their particular strong suits. Ready to find out which one suits you the best?

Comparison Chart

Hemp Seed Oil Organic Pure 32 Oz/ 1 Quart
Hemp Oil for Pain Relief 1000mg
1000mg Hemp Oil Extract – Deluxe High-Quality Formula
Renewalize Certified Organic Hemp Seed Cleansing Oil
All-Natural Hemp Oil Extract Drops

Best CBD Hemp Oil Reviews



  • ✓ Natural moisturizer
  • ✓ Mild pain reliever
  • ✓ Thick texture great for massages
  • ✓ Affordable


  • ✓ Potent smell
This hemp seed oil has good value for the money given that it comes in a 1-quart bottle. As a dietary supplement, it offers enough fatty acids and proteins, much needed for the absorption of calcium into the body.


Quite rich in Vitamin D, this particular formula is good at keeping your skin soft as it acts as a natural moisturizer. Although hemp oil can be used in a number of ways, this one is not the best choice if you want to mix it in salad dressings or sauces. It’s hard to mask the taste of this hemp oil in your food. Therefore, the best application for this oil is as a topical solution. You can use it for massages as you need very little quantity to cover a large area. What’s even better is that despite its thickness the oil is absorbed into the skin really well, so there’s no need to worry about wiping it off as long as you rub it in thoroughly. Because of hemp’s healing properties, the oil can be used around the joints if you have chronic pain or early onset arthritis. Another interesting use for it would be as a protective moisturizer for those who work all day in the sun. It can also be of great use in a dirty environment with lots of sand and dust.



  • ✓ Great taste
  • ✓ Calming effect
  • ✓ Rich in omega 3
  • ✓ Mix well with food


  • ✓ Expensive
  • ✓ Not for topical applications
The iVitamins Premium Hemp Oil may be one of the finest organic supplements on the market but this 1 oz. bottle doesn’t come cheap.


This premium oil is 100% organic. The formula uses hemp oil extract as well as fresh orange oil in order to enhance the taste and make the product more versatile. Because of its unique taste, this iVitamins hemp product can be easily used in various types of foods such as salads, sauces, dressings, broths, and deserts. With its rich formula and bottle size, you can use this premium hemp oil for 30 days before you need a refill. As a dietary supplement, you’ll need to take 1 oz. or 30 ml each day. If you want to add it to your food, the daily dosage may need some adjustment to make sure you’re getting enough. This oil is very rich in fatty acids including omega 3, so you may not need to use it if you’re already getting plenty of them from your diet. However, getting a larger dose of healthy fatty acids isn’t that bad as it may help you sleep better as well as keep your anxiety in check. The texture isn’t very thick. Because of this, the iVitamins Hemp Oil is not the best topical product in this category. You’ll have to use a lot more to get all the desired benefits and you’ll also end up smelling like oranges since the orange extract is quite potent.



  • ✓ Refreshing on the skin
  • ✓ Rich formula
  • ✓ Bottle includes dropper
  • ✓ No hemp taste


  • ✓ Expensive
  • ✓ May be too minty for some people
This formula is perhaps one of the most versatile on the market. It has a nice minty scent and a good consistency that allows it to be used in various applications.


Oliver’s Harvest Hemp Oil Extract contains peppermint oil as well. Because of this, it’s very well-suited for massages. Along with the calming effect of hemp oil, you also get a refreshing feeling from the peppermint. Using it in food is a bit tricky. There aren’t many dressings or sauces that are ideal for the oil. But, if you often eat fish, seafood, or Mediterranean cuisine, you might be able to make it a part of your diet. Just make sure to stir it really well into whatever sauce you’re making and don’t use extra mint. The 1 oz. bottle should last 30 days. The recommended dosage calls for 30 drops on a daily basis. If that’s too potent because of the peppermint, feel free to cut the dose in half and take the oil twice a day instead.



  • ✓ Good texture for topical application
  • ✓ UV protective bottle
  • ✓ Affordable
  • ✓ Good moisturizer and cleanser
  • ✓ Also works as makeup remover


  • ✓ Not for internal use
This product is designed to help with everything from moisturizing to pain relief. It comes in a large bottle and at a competitive price too.


Renewalize’s hemp oil is one of the most affordable in this category. The oil is organic and cold-pressed which means it’s also unrefined. This matters a lot because a lot of the signature hemp oil taste and scent is absent from the product. It also means that it contains no traces of THC.Rich in minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins, hemp seed oil can be taken orally or used as a topical solution for various skin conditions. This oil however, is best used as a topical solution. The absorption rate on the skin is very good which means that you’ll still get plenty of the oil’s benefits even if you don’t ingest it.Hemp seed oil is generally prone to oxidation so you need to be careful about how you store it. Don’t leave the cap open for longer than necessary.The bottle also has its own dropper which makes it easy to measure your daily dosages. It’s also probably best if you split the dosage into twice a day, especially if you want to get rid of sebum deposits, acne, or pimples. This also ensures that the effects don’t wear off during the night.


The NuRyse is perhaps the best CBD hemp oil on the market due to its extreme versatility. It can be combined with food and drinks, and it can also be used on the skin during massage therapy sessions or for pain relief around the joints.

It’s a cleanser, moisturizer and immune system booster that comes in various sizes and its own dropper. This oil may not be the cheapest out there, but the ease of use and pleasant taste and scent make it highly effective and popular.

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Allison King
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