Dieting: Don’t eat these diet foods

Dieting isn’t easy and it is made even more difficult by foods that are disguised as helpful weight loss snacks. You may think that eating certain foods will improve your chances of losing weight. However, not allow foods labeled as diet are guilt free. 

You may wonder why you aren’t losing weight while dieting. You eat all the recommended diet foods and exercise, but the weight isn’t coming off. So, what is the problem? A number of diet foods are actually high in calories and prevent you from getting the results you are working so hard to obtain.

Skip these diet foods and you will be able to lose the weight you have been working so hard to shed. 


Yogurt is often seen as a safe diet food. Yet, flavored yogurt could have around 31 grams of sugar per cup. If you are eating loads of yogurt and cannot drop pounds, then this may be the reason. Plain low-fat yogurt is a better option than flavored and choosing Greek yogurt is an even better choice. It contains less sugar and more protein that regular yogurt.


Granola seems like a health breakfast option, but it is a bad guy in disguise. It isn’t completely evil; however, one cup of granola does contain 560 calories. It also has 28 grams of fat. Once milk is added to the mix you have increase the calories and fat even further.

Diet soda

Research has found that diet soda and other diet drinks can cause weight gain compared to full calorie soda. One of the reasons it may cause weight gain is due to the sweet flavor in diet drinks trigging cravings in drinkers. Diet soda drinkers fulfill their cravings and eat more food. 


Ground turkey is often labeled as a great alternative to ground beef and pork. However, a 3-ounce serving of ground turkey can contain 13 grams of fat. Why does it have so many fat grams? Ground turkey includes the skin and fat. 

There are numerous diet traps out there, so knowing more about which foods to eat and avoid can help you reach your weight goals. 

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