Efficacy and safety of rosiptor being tested in chronic prostatitis

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals has begun dosing participants in ProShip, a Phase 2 proof-of-concept trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of rosiptor in chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS).

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. There are different types of prostatitis, one of which is CP/CPPS. This is the most common type. Young and middle-aged men are more likely to develop CP/CPPS, but it can happen at any age. CP/CPPS may be classified as inflammatory or non-inflammatory. In inflammatory cases, urine, semen, and fluid secreted by the prostate contain infection-fighting cells. But these fluids don’t contain bacteria. When CP/CPPS is non-inflammatory, no infection-fighting cells and no bacteria are found in the fluid.

Rosiptor is an activator of SHIP1, which reduces the activity of the PI3K cellular signaling pathway. Over-activity of the PI3K pathway can cause immune cells to produce an abundance of pro-inflammatory signalling molecules and increase their migration to and concentration in tissues, resulting in excessive or chronic inflammation. By activating SHIP1, rosiptor is believed to decrease the inflammatory process, thereby reducing inflammation and inflammatory pain.

Rosiptor has generated clinical data from eight completed clinical trials demonstrating anti-inflammatory activity with a tolerability profile similar to placebo. 

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