Got acne? Treat it with these simple ideas

Acne affects people from all over. According to NuSkin, 60 million Americans have acne problems. Despite skin issue being common amongst people from teenagers to adults, there are ways to treat acne and lessen the effects of pimples. 

Face washes and creams

The easiest way to cure a mild case of acne is to use an over the counter face wash or acne cream. These cleansers will eliminate oils and dirt from the skin and dry out affected areas. Over the counter treatments have active acne fighting ingredients, so most mild cases are easily treated.


While mild cases can be treated with over the counter cleansers and creams, serious acne issues may need antibiotics. Doctors may prescribe creams, gels, face washes or even pills that treat acne breakouts. 

Don’t pick or pop

Picking and popping pimples can cause the problem to be worse. The affected area can be come red, sore and look worse than before. Picking and popping also damages the skin, so when the area heals scars may be left.

Face masks

Face masks, especially ones specifically made for black heads, have been proven to work. Masks can remove dirt and oil, but they don’t get deep into the skin. Face masks remove dirt and oil at the skin level, so you may need to add further treatment to get deeper.

Exfoliate skin gently

Exfoliating can help the skin recover from acne breakouts. It cleanses clogged pores and removes dead skin from the face. Exfoliating also removes the buildup of oils. Using an exfoliator can be good for curing acne, but it is important to use an exfoliating product gently. Scrubbing too hard can cause damage to the skin.

Avoid the sun

Spending too much time in the sun can cause acne scars on the face. UV rays influence the production of pigment cells. If you are going out into the sun be sure to use sun cream to lessen the effects of the sun’s rays on your skin.

A few adjustments and fresh ideas will improve your acne problems. 

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