Health tips for long-haul flights

Millions of people will prepare for vacation this summer. You may drive to your holiday destination or you may board a flight. Each has their own perks. 

If you are taking a long-haul flight to the vacation of your dreams there are some things you can do to ensure health while in the air.  

The healthier you arrive, the better time you will have on your next holiday. 

 Stay hydrated 

Going on holiday means having fun and it may influence you to have one alcoholic drink too many. Alcohol can affect the immune system before, during and after traveling. It is important to drink plenty of water at least two days before flying. In addition, drinking water and staying hydrated while on your fight will keep you ready to have fun. 

Relax and stretch your legs  

Before boarding your flight, it is important to stay relaxed. If flying is a stressful process for you, try to move about at the airport before your flight and stay loose. Walking around the airport near your gate is a great way to get some last-minute exercise before boarding. Stretching your legs will help prepare you to sit for a few hours on a long-haul flight.  

Loose fitting clothes 

Loose fitting clothes allows you to relax on your long-haul flight. Travel experts state you should wear layers, so you can add or take off clothes depending on the temperature of the cabin. 

Eat lightly while flying

While traveling on a long-haul flight you shouldn’t eat too much food. Airline meals are pack with preservatives. Experts suggest taking fruit with you that can be bought at airport shops and snacking on it.  

Wash your hands 

Washing your hands at every opportunity on a long-haul flight will keep you from getting germs. A flight is a breeding ground for illnesses and you may find yourself sick once you arrive on your holiday. 

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