Home Nutrition How To Make Chia Seeds – A Step by Step Guide With Pictures

How To Make Chia Seeds – A Step by Step Guide With Pictures

How To Make Chia Seeds – A Step by Step Guide With Pictures

Chia seeds come from a member of the mint family, the desert plant Salvia hispanica. Chia seed geographical origin is Central America. It is noted that chia seed was primarily used by Native Americans, in the southwestern United States.

This powerful and nutrient black seed is rich with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and it contains protein and minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron. There are not many published studies on the beneficial role chia seed have on general health but it has been noted that this seed may lower the levels of cholesterol and help improve other cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure.

Chia seeds are highly nutritious and healthy, so they are widely recommended as a part of a healthy diet. These seeds are full of nutrients that can deliver various benefits for your body and brain. Here’s how to prepare them!


The ideal dosage of chia seed per day is forty grams, which is equivalent to the three tablespoons of this black seed. It is recommended to split the dosage and take twenty grams of chia seeds twice a day. The suggested dosage will provide the perfect amount of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients your body needs during the day.

Raw chia seeds are an excellent addition to various meals. You may consider adding seeds to oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, and healthy shakes. Chia seeds could be sprinkled over homemade bread, muffins, waffles, and desserts like fruit salad. If you are eating raw chia seeds, the advice is to keep your body hydrated because seeds might absorb a great amount of water during digestion.


Chia-seeds soakedSoaked chia seeds are much easier to digest, and this way seeds provide an increased amount of nutrients your body may absorb. Seeds can be soaked in water or milk. These seeds combined with water and fresh fruit can provide you with nutritious and tasty homemade jam. As noted, chia seeds mix well with milk. You can choose any kind of milk – almond milk, coconut mill, cow, or goat milk. This way, you can make perfect homemade and healthy pudding.


Leave for three hoursIf you decide to soak chia seeds in water or milk, let them sit between three and eight hours. It is advised to mix one and a half tablespoons of chia seeds with one glass of water or milk. Chia seeds soaked in water can last for one week if being refrigerated, while chia seeds soaked in milk can last between three and five days.



Stir cha seeds

After being soaked in water or milk, chia seeds should be stirred with a spoon. This way you will achieve the desirable texture of the mixture of seeds and liquid. To shatter down the hard external surfaces of chia seeds, you may consider grinding the seeds while they are still raw using the coffee grinder or similar kitchen appliance. This way, you will end up with a flour-like ingredient that can be used in all kinds of recipes. Some of the healthy and tasty examples of these recipes are chia seeds bread, pancakes, pasta, and muffins.


Consider adding fruit and spices to your chia seeds based meal. Fruits that go well with this healthy dish are strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums and bananas. Soaked chia seeds with fruit also mix perfectly with exotic spices such as cinnamon or cloves.

Monitor Your Water Intake With Chia Seeds

Soaked chia seeds are highly effective when it comes to the prevention of dehydration. If eaten raw, they can absorb water from your body, so make sure to drink the right amount of water in case you are consuming dry chia seeds.

Can Chia Seeds be Used for Weight Loss?

Chia seeds are a leading source of protein, and analysis shows that higher-protein diets have an impact on body weight control and appetite. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that consumption of a breakfast rich in foods like chia seeds may reduce levels of the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger called ghrelin. Due to a fact that chia seeds are rich in healthy fats and fiber, the consumption of this seed may lead to lowering blood pressure and improving the levels of insulin in the bloodstream as well as in weight reduction.