Lose belly fat with 3 simple methods

It is summertime and you may be headed to the beach. You may realize when you arrive that you neglected to work on that pudgy belly area. Belly fat isn’t easy to lose when you get older, but it isn’t impossible either. 

Belly fat isn’t just a problem that hurts our self-esteem and self-image. Research shows that belly fat can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes, so getting it off and keeping it away is important for your health. 

Unfortunately, there are more proven exercises that work other areas of the body, but there are a few ways to reduce belly fat. The 3 ideas below will help reduce your bulging belly.

Avoid sugar

It sounds easy, but it is far more difficult to eliminate the sugar in your diet than your think. It isn’t impossible, however. If you can avoid sugar in food and drinks, the weight around your midsection will melt away. Due to the amounts of fructose in sugar, belly fat can accumulate. It also can affect the liver.

Increase protein

Protein builds muscles and it improves your chances of losing weight. Eating protein can stop cravings and increase your metabolism. Therefore, it can help you stop eating and burn more calories. Is that great? According to research, the better the quality of protein you eat, the less belly fat you will have. In addition, studies have found eating protein will keep off belly fat in the future. 

Reduce carbs

Carbs aren’t necessarily evil, but you should be consuming more protein than carbs to reduce belly fat. Studies claim low-carb diets lead to better weight loss than low-fat diets. In fact, you could lose two to three times more weight eating a low-carb diet rather than a low-fat diet. Weigh loss experts say you should cut your carbs to 50 grams a day to lose weight quickly. The body will then go into ketosis with fewer carbs. This is when the body begins burning fat instead of carbs to produce energy.

By completing these three steps you can reduce belly fat and get the stomach you have been searching for. 

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