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TEDDI MELLENCAMP DIET – The Controversy Behind The Method

TEDDI MELLENCAMP DIET – The Controversy Behind The Method

Who is Teddi Mellencamp

Teddi Mellencamp is a former professional equestrian and an actress. Her current occupation is working as an accountability coach. An accountability coach is a term often used by people delivering various services, and some of them are: providing help for their clients to meet specific health and fitness dreams and recover from physical or personal trauma.

Teddi Mellencamp and her team are focusing on helping their clients to fulfill fitness and health goals through ALL IN program that contain meal and exercise plan. There has been a lot of controversy around this program, mostly because Teddi Mellencamp and her colleagues are not medical of fitness professionals, and the diet plan is suggesting an intake of 500 calories per day that is low even if a person’s goal is to reduce weight.
In this article we have gathered information around Teddi Mellencamp diet also known under the name ALL IN program and the controversy that follows this program as well as Teddi Mellencamp’s reaction to user’s criticisms.

Teddi Mellencamp Diet A young woman looking at her reflection in the mirror, unhappy with what she is seeing.ALL IN program by Teddi Mellencamp – Review

ALL IN program by Teddi Mellencamp contains four different intervals: jumpstarter, monthly, weight and workout, and finally maintenance. All listed intervals are different in terms of duration, meal plan, and price.

JUMPSTART PROGRAM by Teddi Mellencamp

The first interval of the program is the jumpstart. This level stands out as the most expensive and offers the detoxication of your body and changing your habits. Jumpstart lasts for fourteen days and implies the presence of an accountability coach whose role is to motivate and help the client during the process. We personally found it too short to achieve significant results. You will start by taking a photo of yourself in your underwear and then a photo of the scales each day. The food consists of 5 meals and is really restrictive. Low calorie grains, veg and fruit. It will cost you around 600USD.

MONTHLY PROGRAM by Teddi Mellencamp

A client can move to a monthly program after finishing with the jumpstart program. During this interval, the menu is slightly more relaxed, and the accountability coach is still making sure that the client sticks to good habits and a healthy lifestyle, usually asking by a photo a day. This program comes as next step and is easy to stick to. The choice of foods is a bit reductive but you are not hungry. In this part you are allowed a coffee a day if you are a fan of caffeine.


A condition to apply for this interval is to be dedicated to the ALL IN program for six weeks. In other words, you need to finish at least one cycle of jumpstart and monthly interval before starting with the weight and workout program. During this phase, it is required that participants provide daily proof of their weight and finished cardio workouts.
Here it’s all about the accountability. If you stick to food choices and the workouts you will lose weight.


The maintenance interval is the final step in the ALL IN program, and clients are taking it once they have achieved goals. During this period, the accountability coach task is to make sure the client maintains weight.


The controversy around the ALL IN program by Teddi Mellencamp started on social media platforms. A fashion and lifestyle influencer Emily Gellis Lande posted a screenshot containing someone’s bad experience with the ALL IN program and tagged Teddi Mellencamp, expecting a reaction.

Source: Instagram

In the meantime, a lot of Emily’s followers reacted to her story post and shared similar experiences and disappointment with Teddi Mellencamp’s program. Everyone testified that the ALL IN program involves an intake of 500 calories per day and an exhausting one-hour workout. Also, clients were advised and encouraged by their accountability coaches to drink water if they get hungry. Some of the women lost their periods.  It has been discovered that the meal plan varies by customer and individual needs of each user. The typical meal plan would usually contain oatmeal for breakfast, quinoa with cauliflower rice and broccoli for lunch, and a cup of tomato soup or chicken broth for dinner, with two half-cup portions of fruit, allowed as snacks. Cheat days were allowed periodically. During these days, alcohol was allowed, and instead of soup, the dinner could contain green vegetables and protein.


Teddi Mellencamp posted a video on Instagram shortly after the above complaints claiming her team and she helped over fifteen thousand people to achieve their fitness and health goals. She also stated that she’s an American Fitness Professionals & Associates–certified nutrition-and-wellness consultant and added that every user of the ALL IN program acts of his/her own free will and she have not forced anyone to participate in the program.