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This Revolutionary 30 Second Trick is Helping Thousands Of Americans Fight Anxiety And Stress Naturally

“People who suffer from anxiety, or stress feel as if they are caught in a vicious circle,” says Heather Johnson, psychologist. “Thoughts and worries always lead to more thoughts and worries. For patients, it often seems as if there is no way out of this thought maze. A patient even once told me that she felt like she wasn’t herself anymore.”

And not only that. According to several studies, people who suffer from these problems also struggle in their work and personal lives. Among other things, this can even lead to losing one’s job or relationships with loved ones.

In addition, severe mood swings, trouble making decisions, issues falling and staying asleep and forgetfulness are often reported.

People who suffer from this aren’t alone: According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 18.1% of the adult U.S. population is regularly plagued by anxiety or stress. 

In this article, we’ll reveal the true cause of this and a promising, yet affordable solution that is already helping thousands of Americans in the battle against anxiety and stress.

Why most conventional solutions don’t work for most people

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 18.1% of the adult U.S. population is regularly plagued by anxiety or stress. 

According to Johnson, conventional solutions often are “broken” for a couple of different reasons…

“Therapy has been proven to work on average, but there are many cases where it does not work. Every person is different here. Often patients have to pay out of their own pocket as they don’t have social insurance or their social insurance doesn’t cover treatment.

The problem with training materials such as books and coachings is that they are often not only very expensive and not covered by insurance…. 

It is also almost impossible to distinguish frauds from people who actually have working solutions, because the emerging, billion dollar industry is barely regulated. Customers are often left with the same problems they actually wanted fixed as well as hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less in their bank account.”

Brain researcher Becca Hessinger adds in an interview with us: “It’s not the fault of the people who suffer from these problems. But fortunately, there are a lot of studies that show a promising solution that even works for people for whom therapy and training have done nothing. 

These findings are not really widespread yet and that’s why most of the population has never heard of it. Most of the industry is focusing on pushing the same established, but oftentimes ineffective solutions. In fact, most businesses in the anxiety industry simply don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on additional research when they can instead focus on spending more on pushing existing solutions that are being bought by uninformed people.”

Brain Researcher Reveals: The True Cause of Anxiety and Stress

According to Ms. Hessinger, the “thought spiral with no way out” that many patients report stems primarily from the fact that it is incredibly difficult to raise the natural production of certain hormones via conventional methods. Pep talks or therapy sessions alone often don’t help patients when they are exposed to a lot of stress in everyday life due to tragic events, pressure to perform, or genetic predisposition, so Hessinger.  

Several studies show that too much of the stress hormone cortisol in the body causes serious, long-term health problems and significantly reduces people’s life expectancy. 

Furthermore, chronically high cortisol in the body has been shown to significantly limit the natural production of GABA and serotonin. These substances are known to reduce stress and anxiety disorders.

Ms. Hessinger: “The problem with conventional solutions for anxiety, Stress and depression, is that they only try to solve the problem psychologically, but the biological cause is usually completely ignored.”

Patients are often scared when it comes to taking pharmaceutical products against these problems. And rightly so. The long-term side effects of these products are often severe and often even worse than the actual problem. Furthermore a lot of pharma-solutions deliberately create a dependence on the product itself. “Reading studies about some of the side effects of these solutions is a bit scary”, says the researcher.

“Another thing is that the research for a lot of the pharma products is initially done on rats. Animal trials are not only something that a lot of people are uncomfortable with. It has also been shown that the human brain works drastically different compared to that of an animal when it comes to anxiety reactions. – That’s why a lot of common pharmaceutical solutions aren’t effective. 

For example, the active ingredient in the natural anxiety solution Passionflower has been shown to be more effective than a popular pharmaceutical solution that is claimed to reduce anxiety in a study. Not only that, but the side effects of the pharmaceutical solution caused the workplace performance of the patients consuming it to drop significantly while the natural solution didn’t.

“There are several causes for anxiety, stress and moodswings. But no matter if they are psychological- or lifestyle-related: Research says that a deficiency in the body of the substances serotonin and GABA are the true cause of these problems,” she said. 

“You see, in the world we live in, it’s impossible for many people to live without anxiety or stress. It’s been proven, for example, that smartphone use has raised the stress levels of study participants – and you just can’t live without it these days. For many people, there’s simply no way around being exposed to their smartphone or EMail notifications. 

Also, a lot of food these days, contains glutamate, a substance that has been shown to increase anxiety in patients. Yet, a change in diet is an effort that people suffering from stress or anxiety simply cannot sustain, because of the willpower it takes to make a sustainable change.

This also means that people who suffer from anxiety or stress, have a dramatically harder time controlling their weight.

People are simply not made to function in the 21st century. There are large segments of the population that are simply genetically predisposed to suffer from anxiety disorders or stress.”

This isn’t fair. But there is hope.

A Better Solution for Anxiety And Stress

A study by Cambridge University in America has shown that the size of the so-called “amygdala” brain region can accurately predict whether someone suffers from anxiety, stress, moodswings and sleep problems.

The larger the amygdala, the worse the problems in the subjects, the study found.

Another study showed that mice that had the amygdala region removed did not feel anxiety. 

“Of course, feeling anxiety and stress can be a healthy reaction, because it can help us to assess risks properly,” says Alexandra Hessinger. “But a lot of people feel so much of it that they just can’t function properly.”

Hessinger: “A swollen amygdala generates too much cortisol. Cortisol has been shown to make people unable to think clearly or even result in heavily impaired memory. The solution is to reduce the size of the amygdala. 

Research shows that an increase in stress makes it more likely to perceive things as threats that aren’t. This then leads to more stress and a vicious cycle that is hard to break out of with the conventional methods.

Another study also showed that subjects lost 13 IQ points if they had been previously stressed.

“So people who suffer from severe stress or anxiety disorders are not able to reach their full potential in the work environment or in their personal lives. That, of course, leads to more stress,” Hessinger added.

Several studies show that IQ has a strong influence on performance in the workplace. A meta-analysis here confirms that it is the greatest indicator for accurately predicting an employee’s performance.

So, the solution to these problems is ultimately related to the concentration of GABA, serotonin and Cortisol in the body.

Fortunately, there are several, completely natural agents that can naturally increase GABA and serotonin and thus counteract anxiety disorders. Solutions containing these agents is something that everyone can afford.

What are the active ingredients that work naturally and have been proven to work?

Amongst other ingredients, the following ones have been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety, stress and moodswings.

L-Theanine- The natural active ingredient is found in green tea and has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety disorders, sleep problems and depression according to several, placebo-controlled studies.

Passionflower – It has been shown to increase GABA levels in the body and was compared in one study to that of a widely used pharamacy product. Subjects who took the extract of the flower had less anxiety after taking it than those who took the pharmaceutical product. The study further showed that subjects taking the pharmaceutical product had significantly more performance problems at work than previously.

Lemon balm – An American study proved that the active ingredient of this plant significantly lifts the mood of the subjects. In addition, a significant increase in the mathematical performance of the subjects was found. Other studies prove that taking lemon balm lowers cortisol, our stress hormone, within as little as one hour.

Chamomile – Studies show that regular intake of chamomile significantly alleviates symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety disorders.

Ashwagandha – Daily intake of Ashwaghanda has been shown to reduce cortisol levels by 11 to 32%. Other studies show that Ashwaghanda significantly increases patients’ resistance to stress, thus improving their quality of life. In a placebo-controlled study, regular use of Ashwaghanda for 6 weeks was shown to provide 76% better results than the placebo.

Why Everyone Who Wants To Feel Less Anxiety And Stress Should Take A Holistic Supplement

With a problem as severe as anxiety, simply reducing it by 20% simply isn’t good enough. The more it can be reduced, the less restricted is the natural production of GABA as well as Serotonin – the Neurotransmitters, that allow people to sleep peacefully, perform their best at work and simply allow them to finally fit in again. 

Yet, as shown above, most of the natural ingredients are at best shown to result in a decrease of 11 to 32%.

Hence, it is crucial for everyone who wants to reduce their anxiety and stress for good to take a solution that doesn’t contain only one of the ingredients. In fact the more active ingredients a supplement has, the bigger the effect – So Hessinger. 

This is not something that people should take a gamble on, yet most solutions on the market focus on only one or two of the active ingredients that have been shown to decrease anxiety. In order to actually solve their problems for good, people would have to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements. Not to mention the time every day to take all those supplements.

How a Unique Solution Of An Innovative, U.S. Based Company Is Taking The Country By Storm

The trustworthy, New York based, company RgnHealth has invested $172,619 into research and development in order to craft a unique, revolutionary solution that has already helped thousands of Americans to reduce their anxiety, stress, mood swings and sleep problems. 

It’s vegan, doesn’t contain gluten, has been developed without animal testing and is completely free of any hormones. 

This groundbreaking supplement is called “Calm” and it contains the ingredients listed above as well as 23 other ingredients that all have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

It is the only product that contains this many natural ingredients. – “From everything I’ve seen on the market, this is by far the best solution for anyone who wants to stop suffering from anxiety, stress, problems falling asleep and other problems. – Even for people that feel like they tried everything and nothing has worked so far”, so Becca 

How to order Calm from RgnHealth while it’s still available.

Whether it’s finally being able to keep up at work again, sleeping peacefully, fitting in, or just feeling like you’re yourself again….

The feedback on social media platforms about this revolutionary solution has been overwhelmingly positive.

Therefore, and because they have already been mentioned by several well-known news outlets, Calm from RgnHealth is selling out very fast right now.

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An Unconditional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

RgnHealth wants to help as many people as possible overcome their anxiety and stress related problems. Also, they are 100% confident that this product really works – That’s why they offer an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. 

So if anything is wrong, you can simply email or call customer service and ask for your money back.

For this, you don’t even have to send back the pack.

Why most people order at least 3 packs of supply or more:

Research shows that the active ingredients work best when taken long-term over at least 3 months. It’s the only way to make sure long-term change takes place.

That is why most people order 3 or 5 packs, which then last for 3 or 5 months. This way they ensure that they will not use up their supply before the product will be sold out.

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