What Are The Best Male Libido Boosters

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Having a good libido really is self defined. If you’re not happy with the frequency or intensity of desire it’s up to you decide to do something about it! Here are the main reasons you might want to try a male libido supplement.

The world of supplements is very intimidating and it seems every week there is a new ingredient popping up to help in what ails you. While some people actually like to research every single available ingredient many more would rather try a blend of proven ingredients and just be done with it. There are many cocktails available for all sorts of different ailments but what made libido booster is the best?

Why use Male Libido boosters?

  • They are well studied, more so than libido boosters for women

  • There is evidence to suggest they do in fact work

  • Ingredients within libido boosters target more than just sexual function

  • Stress hormones, low energy levels and mood are also targets of ingredients in these supplements so you might even find improvements outside the bedroom

  • Male supplements are the originals in the libido boosting market. That generally means the ingredients inside are targeted just for you. The ladies aren’t always so lucky in this department.

  • Since they are safe (check with your doctor and or pharmacist to be sure) and use well studied ingredients there really isn’t a reason not to try.


3 Myths About Male Libido Boosters

A lot has been said about male sexual function over the years dating back to ancient times. A lot of that stuff just isn’t true! When considering your options for libido boosters keep these myths in mind.

It’s more than just testosterone

It’s all about testosterone levels. It’s true that testosterone levels peak at about age 30 in men and decline at about 1% a year from there. This can effect your sexual function and levels of desire but it’s a more complicated set of factors for most men than just lower testosterone levels. Factors like stress, mental health, relationship issues and lifestyle factors all play a role in your libido as well. Often the ingredients in libido boosters target more of these factors than just testosterone.

Your ‘normal’ is up to you

There is no standard number or times a week or month you ‘should’ desire sexual activity. Everyone has a different set point and that can vary over time. Having a low libido is really defined by the specific person. If you and your partner are happy with the frequency of sexual activity then that’s fine. But if you feel there is a drop in your desire levels that you are not happy with then it might be time to investigate your options.

Not everyone needs a prescription

These supplements don’t work the same way that little blue pill does. While some ingredients do target blood flow let’s just say it’s not as immediate. Give any libido booster you try at least 30 days to see if it’s working for you.

Top 5 Male Libido Supplements

Medical Herald budged
Overall Rating (4.9)
Quality Rating: 9.7/10
Expert Rating: 9.8/10
Users Rating: 9.6/10

Male Enhancement: by Regen Health


Male Libido boosters by Regen Health is our top pick and receives our highest recommendation. Regen Health’s Boost For Men is a popular supplement that offers premium quality and flexible dosage options. It is sustainable, non-toxic, and comes in hard capsules to prevent oxidation and leakage. I also love that it has a money-back guarantee and a discount program.

Learn more

Overall Rating (4.5)
Quality Rating: 9.1/10
Expert Rating: 9.0/10
Users Rating: 8.9/10

Viril-X: by Dignity Bio Labs


Viril-X is a solid second choice that will likely lead to benefits beyond the bedroom. The manufacture also has made a commitment to maintain the highest level of safety standards in the manufacturing process.

Overall Rating (4.3)
Quality Rating: 8.7/10
Expert Rating: 8.6/10
Users Rating: 8.5/10

Extenze: by Walgreens


Due to previous legal issues with this product and a long, long list of unique ingredients this product is not recommended for most users unless other supplements have proven not to work for you.

Overall Rating (4.0)
Quality Rating: 8.1/10
Expert Rating: 8.0/10
Users Rating: 7.9/10

VigRX Plus: by VigRX


This supplement has been on the market for over a decade which means a lot. This formula also contains only herbs as active ingredients which may appeal to some users but dissuade others. If the idea of an herbal only product sounds good to you this might be a great choice.

Overall Rating (3.8)
Quality Rating: 7.6/10
Expert Rating: 7.5/10
Users Rating: 7.7/10

BioXgenic-size: by Bioxgenic


While the ingredients listed do contain proven ingredients some also have known side effects for some users. The lack of a return policy however necessitates that it be further down the list.

Top 5